Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Masquerade Party! (Hosted by the Bratz!)

Today's blog post is on The Bratz Masquerade Party dolls that came out in 2011.  Finora, and Brielle.  We really like their outfits, face paint, and hair. However; Brielle's hair would be nearly impossible for us to style or just manage easily if we left it the curly mess it came as. So, we boil washed it. :D

Finora is a witch, and Brielle is a tea party guest...

We hope you liked them. :)


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This is our first post of 2012!  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and we're wishing you a Happy New Year! 

We got Frankie and Draculaura this holiday and they make excellent photographs, don't you think?  We also included Clawdeen and Lagoona at the end.  We hope you enjoyed them. :)

In case you're wondering, Frankie Stein is the Home Ick one and Draculaura is the Sweet 1600 one.  Monster High. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Wigs

We bought a couple new wigs for our Liv dolls, so we could create new looks.  The thing is one of the wigs was really poofy so we tried a lot of things to try and fix it but no luck.  In the end we just put in a couple ponytails and stuck her in the photo shoot anyway. :P
Once we find a way to keep it down we will take more photos.

Any ideas for names?  ^^

♥22dolls Creators.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Never Gets Old!

Hello, long time no post.  Well, we have been quite busy and haven't really had a chance to take any photos (I know you have heard it all before).  We took photos of out Bratz in spring April 10, 2010 and since it's about the same time it was last year we thought we would finally share them with you. :)

Madalyn & Mandy

Charli & Breeana

Michelle, Bethany, Jenifer & Crystal

Sharidan & Isabella

Katia & Kumi

Nona & Valentina

Dana, Jade, Yasmin W, & Cloe

Sasha & Meygan

Olivia & Tawny

Morgyn & Natalie

We had way more photos, but we can't show you because they would definitely disclose where we live. -.- Sorry.

♥22dolls Creators.

Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a Bratz Takeover!

Hello (x70)
Why hello 70 times?  Because we have 70 main original Bratz dolls.  We actually have more than 70 Bratz, we have the four new 10/10/10 dolls who aren't TRUE Bratz, and a few random Bratz missing arms... :)

Anyway, we tried to fit all 70 together in one huge group shot, :D  It came out pretty well.
Please note: some dolls have fake names, meaning WE named them.

Top row left to right - Breeana, Meygan, Dee, Morgyn
Bottom row left to right - Anna, Felicia, Alex
Top row left to right - Morgyn, Seirrna, Kirtana, Crystal, Sharidan
Bottom row left to right - Claire, Destiny, Jamie, Cloe, Sorya
Top row left to right - Lina, Valentina, Yasmin W
Bottom row left to right - Nona, Kiana, Michelle
Left to right - Madyson, Savannah, Leah, Jade, Dana, Sasha, Isabella
Middle row left to right - Bethany, Roxxi O, Phoebe, Jamela, Yasmin O, Tawny, Skylar
Left to right - Tia, Ivy, Caralyn, Nia, NO NAME, Ginger
Left to right - Kina, Roxanne, NO NAME, Violet, Sakura
(Duck penguin thing not included, it was made by one of us for the other though)
Top row left to right - Bethany, Roxxi O, Phoebe, Jamela,
Middle row left to right - NO NAME, Ginger, Elizibeth, Natalie, Charli
Bottom row left to right - Sunny, Cody, NO NAME
Top row left to right - Jamela, Yasmin O, Tawny, Skylar
Middle row left to right - Jenifer, Lilee, Holly, Kathren
Bottom row left to right - NO NAME, Madalyn, Candace
Bottom row left to right - Kumi, Katia, Olivia, Fianna, Nevra, Tess, Oriana, Naomi, Roxxi P, Mandy

We hope you liked them.  If you have any questions, we will try our best to answer them. :)
Eventually we will say exactly what each doll was and was named.
♥22dolls Creators.

Mix & Match: My Scene

Hello, sorry it's been awhile.  We've been busy with a lot and never had a chance to post. :(
Well anyway, we kind of thought the "Mix & Match" thing would be cool to try with Liv, Teen Trend, My Scene and Winx, so we're going to try it. :D

Barbie & Nolee were picked for this.

Model - Barbie
Scissor bag - Liv Sophie It's My Nature
Glasses - Liv Sophie
Earrings - Bratz Leora 10/10/10
Arm glove thingy - Liv Daniela DJ & Me

Model - Nolee
We're not really sure what most of this came with but her hair was the main thing we focused on.

Hope you enjoyed. :)

♥22dolls Creators.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mix & Match: Bratz

We have been having quite a lot of fun with designing fashion and styling hair lately, the only problem is our supplies are limited.  All though we can't make them wear anything or make their hair more interesting we CAN try our best to make them look similar.  One of the reasons we love Bratz is their unique outfits and accessories, they are very fun to mix and match with just about anything, including other doll clothing and accessories.  So please enjoy our photos. :)

Madalyn wearing crazy loads of accessories.
Glasses, bag with scissors and bead - Liv Sophie "It's My Nature"
'Star' Necklace - Teen Trends Deondra
Knee pad and elbow pad (worn on hand) - Liv Katie "It's My Nature"
Dress and shoes - Bratz Yasmin "Sunkissed"
Hand glove thingy - Liv Daniela "DJ and Me"
Brown bag - Liv Alexis "It's My Nature"

Madalyn posing with a little less accessories. :P Do not fear, her leg is just very up there.

Mandy wearing something sweet. :)
Jacket - Bratz Valentina "Twiinz 3rd Edition"
Pants - Bratz Sasha "Forever Diamondz"

Madalyn wearing something a little more toned down than before.
Top - Bratz Yasmin "Space Angelz"
Over top - Bratz Eitan "Formal Funk"
Earring - Liv Alexis " It's My Nature"

Mandy just about ready for bed. :)
Pillow and over coat - Bratz Fianna "Nighty Night"

Mandy just waking up from her sleep.

Madalyn wearing her outfit again only this time with a french braid. :D

Nona 2 and Tess 2 wearing clothing and with a new hair do'.

Hope you liked them. :)  If you have any questions, or comments you may tell us, we would appreciate it.

♥22dolls Creators.